Dear Parish Council Secretary,

                     Under the heading "Do we support Net Zero and its associated restrictions", I would like to add to our coming agenda a discussion of the zero carbon agenda which is being pushed on society from government through county councils without ever debate or democratic representation. Perhaps the support of local/parish councils is not necessary to support the agenda to implement the spread of measures like "low emission zones" and control of our "carbon footprints" via CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency [programmable]) but some local councils are becoming aware and I believe that we should not be left in the dark.

                   It may help to see a discussion at another town council meeting (there are now many examples available) so I suggest watching a video      

                  Please also refer to the website for Durham County Council who for years now have been following a "climate emergency" agenda     

                 As you will see on the page from the DCC link they say "A public consultation was carried out on this plan and the results have shaped our further actions". I was not a council member at the time although have always been thirsty for local news but I was unaware of a public consultation that shaped their actions but perhaps the consultation was similar to the one recently carried out regarding creating a single mayor for the North East (Durham County Council being one of the 7 areas) where the first announcement was in the Spring 2023 DCC Newsletter that announced that the consultation date had expired.

Best regards,


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