Alan Breeze

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Miscellaneous Information: site founder is committed to leaving the EU an organisation that has systematically eliminated the UK manufacturing industry that he spent a lifetime in

He experienced first hand his 300 strong manufacturing company have to follow all the global [mainly Japanese] manufacturing giants in the consumer electronics sector into central Europe as the EU lured them to primarily Czech and Hungary close to the EU's manufacturing hub in Germany.

With the help and encouragement of the EU he set up a factory employing 100 plus people in Czech Republic to support the relocated customers but this has now collapsed as the EU negotiated free trade agreements with Japan and found it a better proposition to manufacture far east.

He has a sound understanding of international trade and can see how working under WTO will correctly handled be of benefit protecting UK industry in a similar way that the EU uses WTO as a protection mechanism. The key thing is that the UK makes these key decisions for the benefit of the UK instead of being exposed to EU decisions often made to the detriment of the UK.

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