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In order to deliver a landslide victory to Brexit supporting MPs it is vital that we do not split leave vote in the General Election.

After considerable research and help by thousands of Brexiteers on Twitter we provide this definitive voting guide which will be updated as more facts emerge.

Where the choice is close the decision should be based upon which candidate is most likely to deliver a clean break from the EU

  • without interference from the European Court of Justice
  • without standing as surety for the European Investment Bank
  • without a £39Bn divorce bill
  • without a transition period during which time we continue to fund the EU
  • without a Brexit in name only treaty.

 Harmonised Leave tactical voting partners


 @ 2016 Referendum                    
By Constituency     406 voted Leave   244 voted Remain
By Party     Lab: 148 Leave | 84 Remain      Con: 247 Leave | 80 Remain


Tactical Voting Summary
(these are not predictions)

Conservative - 435 seats
Brexit Party  -  181 seats
DUP  -  17 Seats      UUP 1 seat
UKIP  -  6 seats
Independent  -  8 Seats
Labour  -  2 Seats


Voted LEAVE at 2016 referendum indicated



Aldridge-Brownhills CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   Aberconwy CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE
Altrincham and Sale West CONSERVATIVE    +   Alyn and Deeside BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE
Arundel and South Downs CONSERVATIVE    +   Blaenau Gwent  BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE
Ashfield BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *   Brecon and Radnorshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE
Ashton-under-Lyne BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *   Caerphilly BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE
Aylesbury CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   Cardiff Central  BREXIT PARTY  
Banbury CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   Cardiff North BREXIT PARTY  
Barking BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *   Cardiff South and Penarth CONSERVATIVE  
Barnsley Central BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *   Cardiff West BREXIT PARTY  
Barnsley East BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE *   Carmarthen East and Dinefwr CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE
Barrow and Furness CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  *   Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE
Basildon and Billericay CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +    Ceredigion BREXIT PARTY  
Batley and Spen Paul Halloran
Battersea CONSERVATIVE        Dwyfor Meirionnydd BREXIT PARTY  
Beaconsfield CONSERVATIVE    +    Gower BREXIT PARTY  
Bermondsey and Old Southwark BREXIT PARTY    *    Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE
Berwick-upon-Tweed CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +    Monmouth CONSERVATIVE  
Bethnal Green and Bow  BREXIT PARTY        Montgomeryshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE
Beverley and Holderness CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +    Neath BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE
Bexhill and Battle CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +    Newport East  BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE
Bexleyheath and Crayford CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +    Newport West  CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE
Birkenhead FRANK FIELD
Birmingham, Edgbaston CONSERVATIVE        Pontypridd BREXIT PARTY  
Birmingham, Erdington BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE *    Preseli Pembrokeshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE
Birmingham, Hall Green CONSERVATIVE        Rhondda BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE
Birmingham, Hodge Hill BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE *    Swansea East BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE
Birmingham, Ladywood  BREXIT PARTY        Swansea West CONSERVATIVE  
Birmingham, Northfield BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE *    Torfaen BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE
Birmingham, Perry Barr BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *    Vale of Clwyd BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE
Birmingham, Selly Oak BREXIT PARTY    *    Vale of Glamorgan CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE
Birmingham, Yardley BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *    Wrexham CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE
Blackburn BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Blackley and Broughton LABOUR   LEAVE          
Blackpool North and Cleveleys CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Blackpool South BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *   Belfast East  DUP   LEAVE
Blaydon BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE *   Belfast North  DUP  
Blyth Valley BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *   Belfast South  DUP  
Bognor Regis and Littlehampton UKIP   LEAVE  *   Belfast West  DUP  
Bolsover CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE     East Antrim  DUP   LEAVE
Bolton North East CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE     East Londonderry  DUP  
Bolton South East BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *   Fermanagh and South Tyrone  UUP  
Bolton West CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +   Foyle  DUP  
Bootle BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE *   Lagan Valley  DUP   LEAVE
Boston and Skegness CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   Mid Ulster  DUP  
Bosworth CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +   Newry and Armagh  DUP  
Bournemouth East CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   North Antrim  DUP   LEAVE
Bournemouth West CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   North Down  DUP  
Bracknell CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +   South Antrim  DUP   LEAVE
Bradford East  BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE      South Down  DUP  
Bradford South BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *   Strangford  DUP   LEAVE
Bradford West BREXIT PARTY   *   Upper Bann  DUP   LEAVE
Braintree CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   West Tyrone  DUP  
Brent Central CONSERVATIVE            
Brent North BREXIT PARTY   *        
Brentford and Isleworth BREXIT PARTY   *        
Brentwood and Ongar CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +        
Bridgwater and West Somerset CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +        
Brigg and Goole CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   Aberdeen North  BREXIT PARTY  
Brighton, Kemptown BREXIT PARTY    *   Aberdeen South  CONSERVATIVE  
Brighton, Pavilion CONSERVATIVE       Airdrie and Shotts  CONSERVATIVE  
Bristol East BREXIT PARTY    *   Angus  CONSERVATIVE  
Bristol North West CONSERVATIVE       Argyll and Bute  CONSERVATIVE  
Bristol South BREXIT PARTY   *    Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock  CONSERVATIVE  
Bristol West BREXIT PARTY   *   Banff and Buchan  CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE
Broadland CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk  CONSERVATIVE  
Bromley and Chislehurst CONSERVATIVE    +    Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross  BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE
Bromsgrove CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +   Central Ayrshire  CONSERVATIVE  
Broxbourne CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill  CONSERVATIVE  
Broxtowe Dr Teck Khong   LEAVE +   Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East  CONSERVATIVE  
Buckingham CONSERVATIVE    +   Dumfries and Galloway  CONSERVATIVE  
Burnley BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *   Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale  CONSERVATIVE  
Burton CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +   Dundee East George Morton  
Bury North BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *   Dundee West  BREXIT PARTY  
Bury South BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE *   Dunfermline and West Fife  CONSERVATIVE  
Bury St Edmunds CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +   East Dunbartonshire  CONSERVATIVE  
Calder Valley CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +   East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow  CONSERVATIVE  
Camberwell and Peckham  BREXIT PARTY       East Lothian  CONSERVATIVE  
Camborne and Redruth CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   East Renfrewshire  CONSERVATIVE  
Cambridge CONSERVATIVE       Edinburgh East  CONSERVATIVE  
Cannock Chase CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   Edinburgh North and Leith  CONSERVATIVE  
Canterbury CONSERVATIVE    +   Edinburgh South  CONSERVATIVE  
Carlisle UKIP   LEAVE  *   Edinburgh South West  CONSERVATIVE  
Carshalton and Wallington BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *   Edinburgh West  CONSERVATIVE  
Central Devon CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +   Glasgow Central  CONSERVATIVE  
Central Suffolk and North Ipswich CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   Glasgow East  CONSERVATIVE  
Charnwood CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   Glasgow North  CONSERVATIVE  
Chatham and Aylesford CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   Glasgow North East  CONSERVATIVE  
Cheadle CONSERVATIVE   +   Glasgow North West  CONSERVATIVE  
Chelmsford CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   Glasgow South  BREXIT PARTY  
Chelsea and Fulham CONSERVATIVE    +   Glasgow South West  BREXIT PARTY  
Cheltenham CONSERVATIVE    +   Glenrothes  CONSERVATIVE  
Chesham and Amersham CONSERVATIVE    +   Gordon  CONSERVATIVE  
Chesterfield BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *   Inverclyde  CONSERVATIVE  
Chichester CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey  CONSERVATIVE  
Chingford and Woodford Green CONSERVATIVE    +   Kilmarnock and Loudoun  CONSERVATIVE  
Chippenham CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath  BREXIT PARTY  
Chipping Barnet CONSERVATIVE    +   Lanark and Hamilton East  CONSERVATIVE  


  LEAVE  *   Linlithgow and East Falkirk  BREXIT PARTY  
Christchurch CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   Livingston  CONSERVATIVE  
Cities of London and Westminster CONSERVATIVE    +   Midlothian  CONSERVATIVE  
City of Chester BREXIT PARTY    *   Moray  CONSERVATIVE  
City of Durham CONSERVATIVE       Motherwell and Wishaw  CONSERVATIVE  
Clacton CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   Na h-Eileanan an Iar CONSERVATIVE  
Cleethorpes CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE     North Ayrshire and Arran CONSERVATIVE  
Colchester CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   North East Fife CONSERVATIVE  
Colne Valley CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   Ochil and South Perthshire CONSERVATIVE  
Congleton CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   Orkney and Shetland  BREXIT PARTY  
Copeland CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   Paisley and Renfrewshire North  CONSERVATIVE  
Corby CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +   Paisley and Renfrewshire South  CONSERVATIVE  
Coventry North East BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *   Perth and North Perthshire  CONSERVATIVE  
Coventry North West BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *   Ross, Skye and Lochaber  CONSERVATIVE  
Coventry South BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE *   Rutherglen and Hamilton West  CONSERVATIVE  
Crewe and Nantwich CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE     West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine  CONSERVATIVE  
Croydon Central CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE     West Dunbartonshire  CONSERVATIVE  
Croydon North CONSERVATIVE            
Croydon South CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Dagenham and Rainham BREXIT PARTY    *        
Darlington CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Dartford CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Daventry CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Denton and Reddish BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Derby North BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Derby South BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Derbyshire Dales CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Devizes CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Dewsbury CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Don Valley BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Doncaster Central BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Doncaster North BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE *        
Dover CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Dudley North CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Dudley South CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Dulwich and West Norwood BREXIT PARTY    *        
Ealing Central and Acton BREXIT PARTY    *        
Ealing North CONSERVATIVE            
Ealing, Southall BREXIT PARTY    *        
Easington BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
East Devon CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
East Ham BREXIT PARTY    *        
East Hampshire CONSERVATIVE    +        
East Surrey CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
East Worthing and Shoreham CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +        
East Yorkshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Eastbourne CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +        
Eastleigh CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +        
Eddisbury UKIP   LEAVE          
Edmonton BREXIT PARTY    *        
Ellesmere Port and Neston CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Elmet and Rothwell CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Eltham BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Enfield North CONSERVATIVE            
Enfield, Southgate CONSERVATIVE            
Epping Forest CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Epsom and Ewell CONSERVATIVE    +        
Erewash CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +        
Erith and Thamesmead BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Esher and Walton CONSERVATIVE    +        
Exeter CONSERVATIVE            
Fareham CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Faversham and Mid Kent CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Feltham and Heston CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Filton and Bradley Stoke CONSERVATIVE    +        
Finchley and Golders Green CONSERVATIVE    +        
Folkestone and Hythe Henry Bolton   LEAVE          
Forest of Dean CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +        
Fylde CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Gainsborough CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Garston and Halewood BREXIT PARTY    *        
Gateshead CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Gedling CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Gillingham and Rainham CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +        
Gloucester CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Gosport CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Grantham and Stamford CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Gravesham CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Great Grimsby BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE *        
Great Yarmouth CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Greenwich and Woolwich CONSERVATIVE            
Guildford CONSERVATIVE    +        
Hackney North and Stoke Newington CONSERVATIVE            
Hackney South and Shoreditch  BREXIT PARTY            
Halesowen and Rowley Regis CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Halifax CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Haltemprice and Howden CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Halton BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE *        
Hammersmith CONSERVATIVE            
Hampstead and Kilburn CONSERVATIVE            
Harborough CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Harlow CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Harrogate and Knaresborough CONSERVATIVE    +        
Harrow East CONSERVATIVE    +        
Harrow West CONSERVATIVE            
Hartlepool BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Harwich and North Essex CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Hastings and Rye CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Havant CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +        
Hayes and Harlington BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Hazel Grove CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Hemel Hempstead CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Hemsworth CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Hendon CONSERVATIVE    +        
Henley CONSERVATIVE    +        
Hereford and South Herefordshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Hertford and Stortford CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Hertsmere CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Hexham CONSERVATIVE            
Heywood and Middleton BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
High Peak CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Hitchin and Harpenden CONSERVATIVE    +        
Holborn and St Pancras CONSERVATIVE            
Hornchurch and Upminster CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Hornsey and Wood Green CONSERVATIVE    +        
Horsham CONSERVATIVE    +        
Houghton and Sunderland South UKIP   LEAVE *        
Hove CONSERVATIVE   +        
Huddersfield  BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE          
Huntingdon Paul Bullen   LEAVE  +        
Hyndburn BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Ilford North CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Ilford South BREXIT PARTY    *        
Ipswich CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Isle of Wight CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Islington North BREXIT PARTY            
Islington South and Finsbury BREXIT PARTY  LEAVE          
Jarrow BREXIT PARTY  LEAVE  *        
Keighley CONSERVATIVE  LEAVE          
Kenilworth and Southam CONSERVATIVE    +        
Kensington CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Kettering CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Kingston and Surbiton CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Kingston upon Hull East BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Kingston upon Hull North BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE *        
Kingswood CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Knowsley BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Lancaster and Fleetwood CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Leeds Central BREXIT PARTY    *        
Leeds East  BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE          
Leeds North East BREXIT PARTY            
Leeds North West CONSERVATIVE            
Leeds West BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE *        
Leicester East CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Leicester South BREXIT PARTY            
Leicester West BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Leigh BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Lewes CONSERVATIVE    +        
Lewisham East CONSERVATIVE            
Lewisham West and Penge  BREXIT PARTY            
Lewisham, Deptford  BREXIT PARTY            
Leyton and Wanstead CONSERVATIVE            
Lichfield CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +        
Lincoln CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +        
Liverpool, Riverside BREXIT PARTY    *        
Liverpool, Walton CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Liverpool, Wavertree BREXIT PARTY    *        
Liverpool, West Derby BREXIT PARTY    *        


  LEAVE  +        
Louth and Horncastle CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Ludlow CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Luton North BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Luton South BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Macclesfield CONSERVATIVE    +        
Maidenhead CONSERVATIVE    +        
Maidstone and The Weald CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Makerfield BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Maldon CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Manchester Central BREXIT PARTY    *        
Manchester, Gorton BREXIT PARTY    *        
Manchester, Withington BREXIT PARTY    *        
Mansfield CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Meon Valley CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Meriden CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Mid Bedfordshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Mid Derbyshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Mid Dorset and North Poole CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Mid Norfolk CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Mid Sussex CONSERVATIVE    +        
Mid Worcestershire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Middlesbrough BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Milton Keynes North CONSERVATIVE    +        
Milton Keynes South CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Mitcham and Morden BREXIT PARTY            
Mole Valley CONSERVATIVE    +        
Morecambe and Lunesdale CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Morley and Outwood CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
New Forest East CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
New Forest West CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Newark CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Newbury CONSERVATIVE    +        
Newcastle upon Tyne Central BREXIT PARTY    *        
Newcastle upon Tyne East CONSERVATIVE            
Newcastle upon Tyne North BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Newcastle-under-Lyme CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Newton Abbot CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
North Cornwall CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
North Devon CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
North Dorset CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
North Durham


  LEAVE *        
North East Bedfordshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
North East Cambridgeshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
North East Derbyshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
North East Hampshire CONSERVATIVE    +        
North East Hertfordshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
North East Somerset CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
North Herefordshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
North Norfolk CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
North Shropshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
North Somerset CONSERVATIVE    +        
North Swindon CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
North Thanet CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
North Tyneside BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
North Warwickshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
North West Cambridgeshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
North West Durham CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
North West Hampshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
North West Leicestershire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
North West Norfolk CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
North Wiltshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Northampton North CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Northampton South CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Norwich North CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Norwich South CONSERVATIVE            
Nottingham East BREXIT PARTY    *        
Nottingham North BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Nottingham South BREXIT PARTY            
Nuneaton CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Old Bexley and Sidcup CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Oldham East and Saddleworth BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Oldham West and Royton BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Orpington CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Oxford East BREXIT PARTY    *        
Oxford West and Abingdon CONSERVATIVE            
Pendle CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Penistone and Stocksbridge CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Penrith and The Border CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Peterborough BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Plymouth, Moor View CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Poole CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Poplar and Limehouse BREXIT PARTY            
Portsmouth North CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Portsmouth South CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Preston BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Pudsey CONSERVATIVE    +        
Putney CONSERVATIVE    +        
Rayleigh and Wickford CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Reading East CONSERVATIVE    +        
Reading West CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Redcar BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE   *        
Redditch CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Reigate CONSERVATIVE    +        
Ribble Valley CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Richmond (Yorks) CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Richmond Park CONSERVATIVE    +        
Rochdale BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Rochester and Strood CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Rochford and Southend East CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Romford CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Romsey and Southampton North UKIP            
Rossendale and Darwen CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Rother Valley BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Rotherham BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Rugby CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner CONSERVATIVE    +        
Runnymede and Weybridge CONSERVATIVE    +        
Rushcliffe CONSERVATIVE    +        
Rutland and Melton CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Saffron Walden CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Salford and Eccles BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Salisbury CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Scarborough and Whitby CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Scunthorpe BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE          
Sedgefield BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE          
Sefton Central BREXIT PARTY            
Selby and Ainsty CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Sevenoaks CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Sheffield Central BREXIT PARTY    *        
Sheffield South East BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Sheffield, Hallam CONSERVATIVE            
Sheffield, Heeley BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE          
Sherwood CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Shipley CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Shrewsbury and Atcham CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Sittingbourne and Sheppey CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Skipton and Ripon CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Sleaford and North Hykeham CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Slough CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Solihull CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Somerton and Frome CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
South Basildon and East Thurrock CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
South Cambridgeshire CONSERVATIVE    +        
South Derbyshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
South Dorset CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
South East Cambridgeshire CONSERVATIVE    +        
South East Cornwall CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
South Holland and The Deepings CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
South Leicestershire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
South Norfolk CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
South Northamptonshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
South Ribble CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE +        
South Shields BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
South Staffordshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
South Suffolk CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
South Swindon CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
South Thanet CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
South West Bedfordshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
South West Devon CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
South West Hertfordshire CONSERVATIVE    +        
South West Norfolk CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
South West Surrey CONSERVATIVE    +        
South West Wiltshire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Southampton, Itchen CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Southampton, Test CONSERVATIVE            
Southend West CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Southport CONSERVATIVE    +        
Spelthorne CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
St Albans CONSERVATIVE    +        
St Austell and Newquay CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
St Helens North BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
St Helens South and Whiston BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
St Ives CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Stafford CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Staffordshire Moorlands CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Stalybridge and Hyde CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Stevenage CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Stockport CONSERVATIVE            
Stockton North BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Stockton South CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Stoke-on-Trent Central BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Stoke-on-Trent North CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  *        
Stoke-on-Trent South CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Stone CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Stourbridge CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Stratford-on-Avon CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Streatham BREXIT PARTY            
Stretford and Urmston BREXIT PARTY    *        
Stroud CONSERVATIVE            
Suffolk Coastal CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Sunderland Central BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Surrey Heath CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE   +        
Sutton and Cheam CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE   +        
Sutton Coldfield CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE   +        
Tamworth CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE   +        
Tatton CONSERVATIVE     +        
Taunton Deane CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE   +        
Telford CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE   +        
Tewkesbury CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE   +        
The Cotswolds CONSERVATIVE     +        
The Wrekin CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE   +        
Thirsk and Malton CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE   +        
Thornbury and Yate CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE   +        
Thurrock CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE   +        
Tiverton and Honiton CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE   +        
Tonbridge and Malling CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE   +        
Tooting CONSERVATIVE            
Torbay CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Torridge and West Devon CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Totnes CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Tottenham BREXIT PARTY    *        
Truro and Falmouth CONSERVATIVE    +        
Tunbridge Wells CONSERVATIVE     +        
Twickenham CONSERVATIVE            
Tynemouth CONSERVATIVE            
Uxbridge and South Ruislip CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE   +        
Vauxhall BREXIT PARTY            
Wakefield BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Wallasey BREXIT PARTY    *        
Walsall North CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Walsall South BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Walthamstow BREXIT PARTY    +        
Wansbeck BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Wantage CONSERVATIVE    +        
Warley BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Warrington North BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Warrington South CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Warwick and Leamington CONSERVATIVE    +        
Washington and Sunderland West UKIP   LEAVE  *        
Watford CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Waveney CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +        
Wealden CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +         
Weaver Vale CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE           
Wellingborough CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +         
Wells CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +         
Welwyn Hatfield CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +         
Wentworth and Dearne BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
West Bromwich East GEORGE GALLOWAY   LEAVE          
West Bromwich West BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE          
West Dorset CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +         
West Ham BREXIT PARTY            
West Lancashire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
West Suffolk CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +         
West Worcestershire CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +         
Westminster North CONSERVATIVE             
Westmorland and Lonsdale CONSERVATIVE             


  LEAVE  +        
Wigan BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Wimbledon CONSERVATIVE    +         
Winchester Teresa Skelton    +         
Windsor CONSERVATIVE    +         
Wirral South CONSERVATIVE             
Wirral West CONSERVATIVE             
Witham CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +         
Witney CONSERVATIVE    +         
Woking CONSERVATIVE    +         
Wokingham CONSERVATIVE    +         
Wolverhampton North East CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE          
Wolverhampton South East BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Wolverhampton South West CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE           
Worcester CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +         
Workington BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Worsley and Eccles South BREXIT PARTY   LEAVE  *        
Worthing West CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +         
Wycombe CONSERVATIVE    +         
Wyre and Preston North CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +         
Wyre Forest CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +         
Wythenshawe and Sale East BREXIT PARTY    *        
Yeovil CONSERVATIVE   LEAVE  +         
York Central CONSERVATIVE            
York Outer CONSERVATIVE    +         

* Requested oneuk.org inclusion on campaign literature / leaflets

+ Gifted by Nigel Farage on 11th Nov 2019

Leave Tactical Voting Revision List:

Broxtowe may be changed to Brexit Party depending on choice of Tory Candidate - 18th Oct 2019

Stalybridge changed to Conservative - 22nd Oct 2019

Beaconsfield may be changed to Tory depending on the Tory candidate replacing Dominic Grieve - 22nd Oct 2019

Penistone & Stocksbridge changed from Brexit Party - 22nd Oct 2019

Preseli - Wales changed from Brexit Party to Conservative on appeal - 24th Oct 2019

On advice, Workington changed from BP to ex UKIP Tory - 24th Oct 2019

Unsuitable BP candidate prompted change to Islington North - 25th Oct 2019

#Leavers think that BP has glimmer of hope in Birmingham Hodge Hill but not Tory - 25th Oct 2019

Brentford changed from Tory to Brexit Party following local advice & EU Election results - 25th Oct 2019

Mel Stride incumbent Tory considered to be strong Brexiteer for Central Devon - 25th Oct 2019

Local knowledge suggests BP best choice for Cardiff West - 26th Oct 2019

Tory replacing Letwin is strong Brexiteer hence change to Tory - 26th Oct 20

Local knowledge in Warwick shows strong Brexiteer for next Tory Candidate so changed from BP  -  28th Oct 2019

Tories have appointed strong remainer in South Cambridgeshire hence switch to BP - 29th Oct 2019

Bassetlaw changed to BP as John Mann is replaced by Labour Remainer - 29th Oct 2019

With zero activity and discord within UKIP hierarchy 5 UKIP seats changed to BP (3) & Tory (2) only Wales retained so far (2)  -  30th Oct 2019

Amber Rudd stands down https://www.hastingsobserver.co.uk/news/politics/who-is-standing-in-hastings-and-rye-at-the-next-general-election-1-9124164 - 30th Oct

Rival Remain site chose Bolsover Beast as well so one of us had to change lol  -  31st Oct 2019

Consulted other Leave voters but Paddy Power clinched it when odds dropped to 1/3 so Bishop Auckland changed - 1st Nov 2019

Portsmouth South changed to Brexit party because new Tory candidate Brexit stance unknown  -  4th Nov 2019

Boston & Skegness considered to be a hard Brexit constituency and more likely to lean towards BP than Tory  -  4th Nov 2019

Nigel Farage has convinced us that "Workington Man" candidate is best choice to avoid Leave split  -  6th Nov 2019

Tory candidate for South Cambridgeshire reviewed following further input & now nominated as best leave choice (see DMs)  -  7th Nov 2019

It is felt Greg Hands in Chelsea has had Damascene conversion from his original Remain campaigning & can be trusted as leaver so changed - 7th Nov 2019

Gedling change to Tory following request for review - 7th Nov 2019

On local advice Hazel Grove switched to Strong Eurosceptic Conservative - 8th Nov 2019

Strong Eurosceptic QC Martin Howe likely to be standing for Tory hence choice changed  -  9th Nov 2019

One concession made to Strong Brexiteer selection in Maidenhead as it is thought she will follow Tory whip  - 10th Nov 2019

Tories appointed Brexiteer in Darlington and no sign of a Brexit Party candidate yet so changed  -  10th Nov 2019

Nigel Farage announces all incumbent 317 Tory seats will not be contested so previous Brexiteers to replace Tory Remain now changed - 11th Nov 2019

Portsmouth South changed to Tory after further consideration & in spirit of Nigel's offer to Boris  -  11th Nov 2019

Strong Jewish challenge by Brexit Party candidate may pay dividends  -  11th Nov 2019

Penrith was originaly Tory before Rory Stewart defected & part of Nigel agreement changed back to Tory  - 12th Nov 2019

Late nomination of Richard Elvin in Houghton where UKIP came 2nd in 2015 & where there is UKIP local council prompted change  -  14th Nov 2019

Late nomination of UKIP candidate in Washington where UKIP came 2nd in 2015 but vote collapsed in 2017 after Labour promised to deliver Brexit  -  14th Nov 2019

Late declaration of top UKIP Education spokesman in Leave area without Leave candidates makes sense for electing a Leave MP  - 15th Nov 2019

Birmingham Hall Green changed from Labour to Conservative after change of candidate  - 15th Nov 2019

Brighton Kemptown changed to Brexit Party after review -  15th Nov 2019

Catching up with late withdrawal of Brexit Party Candidate Gateshead  -  16th Nov 2019

Bristol North West Brexit candidate nobbled at last minute so no longer standing  -  15th Nov 2019

BP pulled out of Carlisle leaving Remain Tory but true Leaver Fiona Mills UKIP stepped in at last moment  -  15th Nov 2019

Late Brexit Party withdrawal Ealing North  -  15th Nov 2019

Late Brexit Party withdrawal Gateshead  -  15th Nov 2019

Late Brexit Party withdrawal Ellesmere Port  -  15th Nov 2019

Late Brexit Party withdrawal Liverpool Walton  -  15th Nov 2019

late Brexit Party withdrawal N W Durham  -  15th Nov 2019

Independent Brexiteer competing against new speaker  -  15th Nov 2019

Review Exeter after appeal & change from Brexit Party  -  16th Nov 2019

Was Tory but now has the only Leave candidate in a Leave constituency what choice do we have ?  -  16th Nov 2019

Greenwich changed from Brexit Party on review  -  16th Nov 2019

Latest polling has pushed change from Brexit party in Hemsworth  -  17th Nov 2019

Anticipated UKIP in Carmarthen & Newport not standing so changed   -  17th Nov 2019

Remain Tory Europhiile candidate who lost in 2017 being replaced by UKIP  -  17th Nov 2019

Romsey changed from Europhile Tory who voted against Govt No deal to only Leave candidate UKIP  -  17th Nov 2019

Lancaster & Fleetwood reviewed on request was Brexit Party  -  17th Nov 2019

Leicester East was Brexit Party but changed on review  -  17th Nov 2019

Mitcham & Morden was Brexit Party but changed on review  -  17th Nov 2019

Penistone was Conservative but changed on review  -  17th Nov 2019

Reading East was Brexit Party but changed on review  -  17th Nov 2019

University town Sheffield Hallam changed from Brexit Party on review  -  17th Nov 2019

Sheffield Heeley was Brexit party but changed on review  -  17th Nov 2019

Southampton Test changed from brexit party on review  -  17th Nov 2019

Stockport was brexit Party changed on review -  17th Nov 2019

Streatham was Brexit Party changed on review  - 17th Nov 2019

Stroud was Brexit Party changed on review  -  17th Nov 2019

Tooting was Brexit Party changed on review  -17th Nov 2019

Warrington South was Brexit Party changed on review  - 17th Nov 2019

West Ham was Brexit Party changed on review  -  17th Nov 2019

West lncashire was brexit Party changed on review  -  17th Nov 2019

York Central was brexit Party changed on review  -  17th Nov 2019

Leeds NE suspended Tory candidate so changed to Brexit Party  -  20th Nov 2019

Batley & Spen have strong local popular local businessman & ex rugby player Brexiteer who trumps parachuted in Kent based Tory  - 23rd Nov 2019

Winchester Teresa Skelton preferred on reconsideration over Benn Surrender Act Tory  -  24th Nov 2019

Wimbledon Graham Hadley preferred on reconsideration over Benn Surrender Act Tory  -  24th Nov 2019

Graham Hadley was stab in the dark as unable to find any position info so switched back to the neutral Tory  -  29th Nov 2019

 Aberdeen N, Kircaldy, Caithness, Dundee West, Linithgow & Orkney changed from Tory after Scots for Leave advice  -  1st Dec 2019

Arfon changed from Conservative to come into line with other tactical leave sites  -  1st Dec 2019

Advised that DUP stood down in Fermanagh to allow UUP clear run  -  1st Dec 2019

Scots for Leave latest advice changed Glasgow South & South West from Conservative  -  2nd Dec 2019

Accepted recommendation from @LassiesForLeave for Dundee East was Conservative  -  2nd Dec 2019

On appeal Penistone switched back from BP to Tory with assurances Tory candiodate is Brexiteer  - 2nd Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Barrow was Brexit Party  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Bethnall was Conservative -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Birmingham Ladywood was Conservative  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Bradford East was Conservative  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Broxtowe was Conservative  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Camberwell was Conservative  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Cardiff Central was Conservative  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Chorle was Independent  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Hackney South was Conservative  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites High Peak was Brexit Party  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Huddersfield was Conservative  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Huntingdon was Conservative  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Kingston & Surbiton was Brexit Party  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Leeds East was Conservative  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Lewisham West & Penge was Conservative  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Lewisham Deptford was Conservative  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Mitcham & Morden was Conservative  -  4th Dec 2019

Brexit Party not standing Montgomeryshire  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Nottingham South was Conservative  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Poplar & Lime House was Conservative  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Sheffield Heeley was Conservative  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Stoke North was Brexit Party  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Streatham was Conservative  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Vauxhall was Conservative  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Walthamstowe was Conservative  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites West Ham was Conservative  -  4th Dec 2019

Rationalising with big 4 Leave sites Wrexham was Brexit Party  -  4th Dec 2019

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