The marxist plot from the hierarchy exploiting you through the conduit of the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and its nominated executive arm the World Health Organisation (note how they use "concern for your health" as the means of control) have captured Conservatives, Labour Green and Lib Dems, who really all stand for the same agenda. They masquerade as the "choice" that people have ensuring that whichever way you vote you get "Zero Carbon", "Central Bank Digital Currency" "Diversity Equity & Inclusion"

Marxists enabled by the Soros Open Society organisation have prepared the ground through the Common Purpose organisation ( who effectively recruited key people throughout our educational establishment (on courses paid for by the UK taxpayer) to indoctrinate our children (who in turn influence their parents) This now means that the main parties have no choice but to support these gateway to totallitarianism policies regardless of their validity.

So they are definitely NOT divided whilst people who have recognised the totallitarian direction of travel are utterly divided whether "Reform", "Heritage", "Reclaim" or "UKIP" plus several other minor parties are demonstrably divided. These parties should NEVER compete against each other in elections and better still should put their egos aside and combine under a single banner and what better name than ONEUK.

So the invitaion is always there to combine and take oneuk, website and all and represent truth and patriotic sense in opposition to the one world government view of the main marxist parties.

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