We should all be grateful that there are some among our Parliamentary Representatives that  have not been bought or compromised and have the courage to stand up for truth as hard as that may be at times. 

The reason that it is so hard is that the Government have done such an outstanding job of peddling lies and deceit that they have convinced the public that their lies are truth. This gives politicians a real quandry, do they reveal the truth risking losing a huge number of votes because the public have been convinced otherwise or do they stick to their principles. Although let it be said that the vast majority of those representing us in Parliament actually know the truth but either a) have financial interest in the lies, b) have been compromised and must stick to a line or else or c) as stated see no votes in truth.

It is therefore a great moment in history to see a lone MP Andrew Bridgen prepared to stand up and speak the truth even under the threat of party expulsion which will be followed by a huge investment from the powers that be to find a personal flaw for them to exploit to achieve his downfall. What they do not realise is that the people of the UK (and many others around the world) are behind him and many saw the disgrace of the MPs in the Parliamentary committee where Andrew exposed the truth surrounding the vaccine, hanging their heads in shame, pretending that he was not in the room. However it was of note that Piers Corbyn and a colleague were showing suppport on the public bench which means at long last a coming together of truth against lies, of the people against the establishment.

THEY (The Hierarchy Exploiting You) [See Feargus Greenwood Book, 180o] are extremely worried that at last, a leader among men has emerged to fight for truth and we must all support him in his mission and give him the strength to succeed "Cometh the hour, Cometh the Man".


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