Britain has been brought to a point of crisis by a Tory party that turned Green with Boris Johnson seizing the poster boy limelight at Green COP conventions and pledging that the UK will lead the world with climate change policies.

This was a recipe for absolute disaster and will impoverish the average UK citizen beyond imagination as this coming winter of 2023 will see food rocket by more than 10%, energy prices double and fuel go through the roof.

ALL the main political parties are on board with this "Green new deal" nonsense and genuine independent scientists are sidelined and ridiculed whilst the ones relying on the government for their future income toe the line

Thank heavens for people like Patrick Moore [] once leader of Greenpeace and William Happer [] for shining the light on the globally sponsored oil industry created "carbon footprint" scam

Never has there been a better time for the parties created by the implosion of UKIP after the intolerance of democratic rule by the extremely talented and likeable orator Nigel Farage, to get together under a new banner and provide a better future for the people of this green and pleasant land. It will need an exceptional leader able to bring together differences in views on many fronts but all with UK patriotism and the welbeing of all it's citizens at the forefront.

It is time for UKIP, Reform UK, Reclaim UK, For Britain and the less extreme elements of Britain First etc  to amalgamate into a new party of the people, it can be done and must be done to bring control back to the people of the UK from the global elite pulling the strings. We will gladly donate this organisations name to the new venture and work free of charge in whatever way possible to further the cause.

Together we will succeed.

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