The gamble of starting voting guide for Leave voters where there is an Election before Brexit has paid off and now oneuk are weeks ahead of the rest with information developed with leave voters across the land.

Today should also see our 200,000th visitor to the site as word spreads and people check their constituency out.

We must make it absolutely clear, we will not be silenced and have not and will not ever be swayed by vested interests regardless of any incentive. The site was quickly changed to a secure server as it was quickly realised that cyber attacks were a real danger as people realise that their comfy Parliamentary jobs are at stake and it has remained rock solid if a little slow to load because of the huge amount of data being provided.

We are working hard to keep up with people's comments suggestions and recommendations so will ask that people bear with us  but we hope to keep changes to an absolute minimum in the days close to the election to avoid cinfusion.

Some people are working very hard to discredit the site for their own ends, either they are concerned remainers or people who have a different view of organising the leave vote. Our stance is simple, we support the most likely candidate to deliver a clean break from the EU preferably with WTO as starting point but absolutely a proven Eurosceptic. Others are supporting Brexit in name only candidates akin to Theresa May who has worked very hard over the last couple of years for EU interests.

So Bring It On !

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